Fedora Release Counter

Help us spread the excitement!

Are you as excited about the upcoming Fedora release as we are? Share in the fun of the countdown - add a Fedora release countdown widget to your website!

When placed on your website, the counter will appear just like this:

How to add the counter to your website

To add a Fedora Release counter to your own site, simply place the following code wherever you want it to appear:

The lang parameter can be changed to display the counter in a different language. Currently, the values ru, id, it, pt, es, pt-BR, ar, sr, sv, fr, fi, ks, cs, is, uk, si, gu, de, zh-CN, nl, hr, pl, ro, da, zh_TW, hu, tr, he, el, en, ko, ml, bg, ja, th, pa, bn_IN, vi, hi, kn are supported. When no language is specified, English will be used.

The width parameter can be changed to scale the banner. This is a CSS scale, hence you will loose quality if you change it. Better to keep the default value (by omitting this parameter). A correct value is between 100px and 200px.