Do it with Fedora

In this series of tutorials, we'll walk you through fun projects you can create using Fedora.

Have a photobooth party!

All you need is a webcam and Fedora, and you can do all sorts of cool photo tricks, including turning your friends into The Hulk. :) Take fun snapshots and videos!

Learn how to do it yourself!

Launch a Fedora EC2 Instance!

Learn how to launch your own Fedora instance on Amazon EC2!

Learn how to do it yourself!

3 ways to unclutter your life using Gnote

Get organized! Here are 3 ways to unclutter your life and build a personal database with Gnote.

Learn how to do it yourself!

More Tutorials!

Here's some more great tutorials on software in Fedora, written by the free software community:

Be a slideshow and Spreadsheet pro!

Visit for some awesome, real-life example tutorials creating slideshows and spreadsheets.

Create stunning graphics in Inkscape

Heathenx's Inkscape video tutorials are very easy-to-follow and walk you through tons of fun art projects!

Explore the fantasy of Battle for Wesnoth

Get up and running in the medieval fantasy world of Battle for Wesnoth, a networked tactical adventure game, with The Official Play Guide.

Your life on Fedora

Sit down and enjoy a chat with a current Fedora user, and learn about their favorite apps and tips and tricks for using Fedora!

Eric, Amateur Radio Hobbyist

Eric "Sparks" Christensen, a computer security expert from North Carolina, has been an amateur radio enthusiast since he was in high school. These days Eric uses Fedora to connect to people worldwide over amateur radio. Learn more about what amateur radio is and how you can get started using Fedora!

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Robyn, Community Marketeer

Robyn Bergeron is a mom from Flagstaff, Arizona with a background in market research. She uses Fedora to meet her day-to-day computing needs and uses it in her marketing work for the Fedora Project - which includes giving conference presentations. Learn how she does it in this chat!

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Thomas, Doting Dad

Thomas Cameron, a long-time Fedora user and a father from Texas, gives us a rundown of the games and apps for kids as tested and approved by his seven-year-old daughter. Not sure what apps to install on Fedora for your kids? Check this interview out!

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Steve, Information Security Analyst

Steve Milner is an information security analyst from North Carolina. He uses Fedora to audit web applications for security issues. Steve walks us through some great apps in Fedora for security analysis and has some tips for you in keeping your systems safe, too!

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Fab, Linux Outlaws Podcaster

Fabian A. Scherschel, a university student from Bonn, Germany, is well-known in the Linux community in his role running the Linux Outlaws podcast with Dan Lynch. Fab reveals in this interview that he uses Fedora and the audio tools available in it for the podcast's recording and post-production.

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Michel, Social Media and Web Researcher

Michel Alexandre Salim, originally from Indonesia, is currently pursuing his doctorate in Germany. His research group's focus centers around wikis and software development tools. Michel is a long-time Fedora user and he runs down his picks of the best social media and web development tools to use with Fedora.

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Máirín, Artist and Designer

Máirín Duffy, an interaction designer and graphic artist from Boston,uses Fedora exclusively for all of her design work. Websites, GUI mockups, T-shirts, posters, usability tests - she uses Fedora to do it all. Got a creative itch? Máirín recommends a ton of apps in Fedora for you!

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Chris, Java Web Application Developer

Chris Bredesen is a Java developer from Ft. Lauderdale who uses Fedora as his primary development platform. Chris gives his top 5 picks of tools in Fedora for Java development, as well as advice for Java developers considering a move to Fedora.

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