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Thomas, Doting Dad

Thomas Cameron, a long-time Fedora user and a father from Texas, gives us a rundown of the games and apps for kids as tested and approved by his seven-year-old daughter. Not sure what apps to install on Fedora for your kids? Check this interview out!

Thomas Cameron and daughter

Where are you and your daughter from?

We're from Austin, Texas!

What does your daughter want to be when she grows up?

An artist.

Do you think she'll use Fedora when she grows up?


When did your daughter first start using Fedora?

Around the time she was three years old.

What are your daughter's favorite things to do in Fedora?

She has a lot of fun painting in Tux Paint and watching videos on YouTube.

What are your daughter's picks for the best games in Fedora?

Here's her top 5 list!

  • AisleRiot Solitaire
  • KFourInline (it's similar to the Connect-Four board game.)
  • Kolf (mini-golf!)
  • SameGnome (a color-based puzzle game.)
  • Potato Guy (a dress-up doll game.)

Her favorite is SameGnome.

What are some of the online games she plays in Fedora?

She really likes GirlGames.com - they have high-quality web games for girls. She also likes a game called 'Max Damage 2' at PlayHub.com, where you shoot these little green balls. She's stuck on level 37!

Your daughter seems very interested in art - what drawing applications in Fedora would you recommend to kids based on her experience?

Yeah! She uses TuxPaint.

What applications in Fedora does your daughter show to her friends who don't use Fedora?

SameGnome or Solitaire!

Thanks, Thomas!

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