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Have a photobooth party!

All you need is a webcam and Fedora, and you can do all sorts of cool photo tricks, including turning your friends into The Hulk. :) Take fun snapshots and videos!

The perfect setup for your party

You've got a big party planned, and want something fun & unique to offer your guests. Why not set up a photobooth with Fedora?

The application we'll be using to do this is called Cheese. You'll also need a webcam connected to your computer. There's a lot of webcams that work out-of-the-box in Fedora; here is one list, and here is another. If you don't have a webcam, you want to be careful to buy a supported model when you go to the store and these lists are great resources.

You can open Cheeseup by simply typing 'cheese' in the Activities menu search box. In the top panel, select the Cheese → Fullscreen menu item to set Cheese fullscreen. Leave cheese set up this way at your party and let folks have fun!

The basics

Cheese lets you both take photos and video. You can switch between these two modes in the lower left corner of the screen - the photo icon is for photos, the movie reel icon for video.

You can press the spacebar key on your keyboard or the 'Take a photo' (or 'Start recording' for videos) button in the center of the screen to take a snapshot (or to start recording a video.) Thumbnails of all the photos and videos you've created appear in the little strip along the bottom of the camera view (see the screen on the right.)

Sharing your photos and videos

Once you've taken a set of photos, perhaps at the end of your party, you can review the photos by double-clicking each one to view it full-screen. If you'd like to delete a photo or video, you can right-click it and select 'Move to Trash'. You can save a photo or video from Cheese onto your hard drive or a USB key by right-clicking its thumbnail in the bottom strip and selecting 'Save As' in the menu...

Sharing the photos and videos you've taken is really easy. You can use Shotwell to enhance/edit and then upload your photos to your Flickr, Facebook, Google Photos or Piwigo account.

Apply crazy effects to your photos!

What makes Cheese really fun is its set of effects. You can use and even combine these to add a bit of fun and sparkle to your photos! Here's the full list:

  • No Effect - this clears any applied effects for a normal, boring photo.
  • Mauve - as you might guess, this tints people in the photos to a nice mauve / pink color!
  • Noir/Blanc - star in your own black & white movie using this effect!
  • Saturation - the saturation effect amps up the color in the photo, making the colors in the photo much bolder and vibrant.
  • Hulk - This effect will turn you and your friends into the Incredible Hulk! Hulk smash!!!! Don't smash the camera though, the green is only an effect!
  • Vertical Flip - dance on the ceiling with this fun effect.
  • Horizontal Flip - make a mirror image of what the camera sees!
  • Shagadelic - everything is spinning... and colorful... is this a dream?
  • Vertigo - with this effect, your movements leave ghostly trails in the final image.
  • Edge - this effect makes everyone seems as if they are thin neon, or drawn in chalk on a chalkboard.
  • Dice - as if you were looking through patterned glass, this effect dices up your image!
  • Warp - my, what a big nose you have - one false move and your nose disappears and your eyes grow huge! This effect warps your image.

Enjoy and share!

Now you have a fun idea to try out for your next party! Have fun, and be sure to share these tips you learned with others!

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