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A few simple questions to ask yourself about wanting to be an Ambassador

Below are a few simple questions, you should ask yourself, before becoming a Fedora ambassador.

  1. Do you like Fedora?
    • If the answer to this is yes, then jump to question 2.
  2. Do you want to tell others about how cool Fedora is?
    • If so, jump to question 3.
  3. How do you think, you can spread the word about Fedora?
    • If you have a few ideas to answer question 3, and you are willing to participate, then you are a candidate to become an ambassador.
      If you already spread the word about Fedora, by recommending it to friends and family, helping people to resolve their fedora problems, or talk to third parties about Fedora and its benefits, then you probably already are an ambassador, although just in your own way. You should then consider to sign up in the Fedora ambassadors group, where you could get help and support from other ambassadors.

The Fedora ambassadors group could help you to speak at conferences, by providing resources to you.


The Fedora Ambassadors could liaise with you to organize or participate in larger events

If any of the above applies to you, we would really like you aboard the fedora project, and we'd love to hear your ideas or suggestions to help the Fedora Ambassadors to spread the word.

If you are still unsure, if you are the right person to join the Fedora Project as ambassador consult the the document below for more ideas on how to participate:

more information ...