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Fedora Ambassadors - Ambassador Kit

This project is currently in the proposal phase. During this phase we would like to accomplish the following items:

  • Detail what is contained in the Ambassador Kit.
  • Estimate costs of obtaining items for the Ambassador Kit.
  • Determine a way to coordinate shipping and scheduling of the Ambassador Kit.


The purpose of the Ambassador Kit is to help Ambassadors better represent Fedora at ad-hoc events, or chance meetings. This is not the same as the EventBox and should not be treated the same. However, Ambassador Kits might be used in the event box at some point, but this is not its purpose.

The goal is to provide a way to allow a Fedora Ambassador to have a turnkey solution for getting the basics of a booth at an event setup. This box would contain materials to allow a somewhat uniform and professional appearance of Fedora at events Ambassadors attend. This is one part of helping lower the hurdle of taking on organizing a Fedora presence at a local event.

Where did this idea come from?

From the idea that Ambassadors needed a better way to represent Fedora to the community in a professional manner.

What's in an Ambassador Kit

  • One DIY box / container
  • 20 LiveCDs (3 DVDs) only 10 will fit in the box
  • T-Shirt (1-2)
  • Fedora stickers (10 sheets)
  • Fedora buttons (10 or so)
  • Fedora labeled USB sticks (4-5, costly, so initial efforts won't include these)