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Please Note: Sometimes i will forget to update this page, so you can always find the meeting on this page.

List of APAC meeting Logs since July 2010. May 4 of May 2011* April 30th of April 2011 16th of April 2011 2nd of April 2011

March 19th of March 2011

5th of March 2011

February 5th of February 2011

19th of February 2011 January

Special Meeting:

FAD @ Brisbane Meeting

29th of January 2011

15th of January 2011

1st of January 2011


Next: 19th of December 2010

Previous 5th of December 2010


28th November 2010

21st of November 2010

6th and 7th of November 2010


31st of October 2010

17th of October 2010

3rd of October 2010


19th of September 2010

5th of September 2010


15th of July 2010

1st of July 2010


20th of June 2010

6th of June 2010

Older meetings available on this page.

  • Special Meeting, not a standard bi-weekly Saturday meeting.