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Since ambassador's polo shirts are now a free gift to all new ambassadors and active ambassadors are eligible to get a new one every other year, this page should track who got a poloshirt and when.

Name Size Month when the last polo was received
Jaroslav Reznik XL April 2013
Patrick Uiterwijk XL May 2013
Miro Hroncok XL May 2013
Sirko Kemter XXL May 2013
Aleksandra Fedorova S May 2013
Inna Kabanova M May 2013
Jiri Eischmann L May 2013
Sebastion Mäki XL May 2013
Jon Archer L July 2013
Oussama Nehar L July 2013
Onyeibo Oku M July 2013
Firas Al Kafri L July 2013
James Smith XXL July 2013
Jamie Nguyen M September 2013
Matthias Houngbo XL October 2013
R. Guerra Marin L October 2013
Christian Janz M November 2013