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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-04-20


  • lxmaier: AlexMaier
  • tchung: ThomasChung
  • cds: ClairShaw
  • ChitleshGoorah: ChitleshGoorah
  • GeroldKa: GeroldKassube
  • ke4qqq: DavidNalley
  • StillBob: BobJensen
  • McGiwer: PawelSadowski
  • [splinux] : DamienDurand
  • CincyPat: PatrickMcKelvey
  • AbhishekSingh: AbhishekSingh
  • nman64: PatrickBarnes
  • JoseTarazona: JoseTarazona
  • FrancescoUgolini: FrancescoUgolini
  • rMenezes: RodrigoMenezes
  • puneet_batura: PuneetBatura



Famsco Update

  • lxmaier reports
  • the steering committee met on 2006-04-17 (Meeting time 2006-04-17 23:00 UTC)
  • you can read the meeting minute at
  • highlights;
  • here you can see the current budget and how the spending is going
  • tchung will send out weekly reminder to sign CLA and join "Ambassador" group via list. Stop (medium size).png every wednesday including meeting reminder
  • Famsco has voted to increase the budget for LinuxTag on request from GeroldKa
  • Karlie Robinson has been selected as Famsco Special Advisor on Volunteer Management
  • Karlie will help Famsco make sure that we improve our project as we grow
  • We will spend 2K USD on LinuxTag

Review the FedoraEvents for upcoming 3 months

  • Apr 19-22, 2006 FISL 7.0 Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
  • we have FISL running (now), and it seems to be a good success
  • rMenezes: it's very good, Hugo Cisneiros, Pable Barreira and Rodrigo Padula are here
  • lxmaier: how many people have visited your booth so far
  • rMenezes: I thinks 300 to 400
  • rMenezes: we made contacts with companies, and govermental institutes
  • rMenezes: we are getting some cases to publish in our sites with companies using Fedora
  • rMenezes: one of then have more than 4000 computers with Fedora
  • StillBob: How could we as fellow ambassdors supported you better?
  • rMenezes: today we are working fine, *next* week we'll sit, discuss the new operations and talk about it
  • Apr 22-23, 2006 lanwelche Strasbourg, FRANCE
  • ChitleshGoorah reports
  • This is not a big event
  • there will be about 60 guys
  • I'll have a speech on Open source software
  • there won't be a video projector so i'll just speak and speak
  • Apr 24, 2006 Fedora Talk(rescheduled) Uttar Pradesh, India
  • PuneetBatura reports
  • I will be giving the presentation on FOss
  • and will provide the users with the production cycle of FOSS
  • Apr 24-26, 2006 LinuxWorld Toronto Toronto, Canada
  • lxmaier: Famsco has appropriated a budget for this event
  • (from Greg's email) need to get DVDs there early next week. I propose spending $1000 to get 400-500 DVDs to Linux World Toronto. Comes out of the DVD budget.
  • GeroldKa: we try and find a solution (agreed and discussed with Greg) to sell the DvD to get the money back, isn't it possible to do the same here? And so it does not match and decrease the budget later
  • lxmaier: GeroldKa: to your question about getting the money back--I think it would be okay if you made a donation voluntary, but not SOLD the DVDs straightout
  • Apr 27, 2006 IRC Presentation #fedora-fr-meeting
  • ChitleshGoorah reports
  • in french as you can see
  • we have changed the title from IRC Presentation to vFUDCon/01France
  • vFUDcon = virtual FUDCon proposed by mether
  • accepted by MrTom and [splinux]
  • MrTom wrote the announcement in French
  • BIG thanks to him and [splinux]
  • tomorrow we will start making publicity everywhere
  • I'll translate the announcement to english tomorrow
  • ok, the reason behind vFUDCon
  • our IRC Presentation is somehow new to Fedora
  • new to the Marketing Project
  • so Mether and the French Ambassadors thought we can share the idea to everyone
  • i'll create a template for vFUDCon
  • Apr 29, 2006 LUGS Singapore
  • EugeneTeo is not present
  • Stop (medium size).png UPDATE: We have confirmed the meeting date today, and it will be held on Apr 29.
  • I will talk about Fedora Core 5. Hopefully I will receive the Fedora t-shirts on time.
  • It's been like 3-4 weeks now but Colin confirmed with me that gregdek already mailed it to me.
  • Let's see how it goes.
  • May 3-6, 2006 LinuxTag Wiesbaden, Germany
  • GeroldKassube reports
  • you'll find the updated organisation at we're a little bit late but this was because of the holidays of BruderTux. It's great that he'll be back that we can realize to participate Linuxtag. We're also looking for presenatations which can be shown ...
  • OK, maybe one more point: Florian aka BruderTux and me are the only Ambassadors which will be at the booth the whole time, does anybody wants to attend and assist?
  • ChitleshGoorah: I will be present on Saturday 6
  • puneet_batura: I will provide you with my presentation on FC5
  • May 20, 2006 Multimedia Day France Cambrai FRANCE
  • ThomasCanniot is not present
  • June 9-10, 2006 CarolinaCon Raleigh NC
  • LeeJoseph reports
  • Everything is running smooth
  • We have 500 dvds to give out, a contructed kiosk computer with FC5 on it to place in the lobby for people to use
  • And Alex Maier help secure some speakers

Video contest

Schwag pipeline

  • AlexMaier reports
  • Store go-live date is May 8th. We'll have LOTS of stuff -- shirts, DVD packs, stickers, hats.
  • the vendors should not be concerned, as there are already other vendors on the market. and with UPS shipping, not all regions will find using our store feasible.
  • the store uses UPS shipping but the customs will be a problem, as always.
  • fedora is a Red Hat sponsored project, so red hat decides how much money to spend on DVDs etc. the store will be run by BrandFuel, a merchandise vendor.
  • as long as their offering (and this may include better shipping options, as UPS international is very expensive) there shall be no conflict.
  • further, the store is mainly designed to help up pipeline the schwag to the Ambassadors worldwide.
  • there are no profits to Fedora, the vendor will produce at their own cost and distribute for a slim margin.
  • as long as they request in advance, for a cause, and get approval from Famsco, the schwag will be shipped to them (ambassadors) on Famsco's budget.
  • submit a request according to the guidelines and famsco will determine how much to ship to you if at all.
  • the guidelines require that the Ambassador give us a justification for the expenditure and some type of a measure of success.
  • see (for the guidelines)


  • RahulSundaram not present
  • tchung: I sent him an email regarding this item. Hopefuly, he will give me an update later.
  • Stop (medium size).png UPDATE: I will try and get around to doing it within the next week.

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