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Outline for media coverage (to be expanded on in Wiki) -- has not been formatted

In no particular order and certainly not in order of importance. Each item will be expanded upon in the completed wiki page

I. Compile media list of local outlets

   a. Newspapers
       i. dailies
       ii. weeklies
   b. Broadcast
       i. television
       ii. radio
   c. Web
       i. community based 

II. Reporting events

   a. Fedora releases
   b. Activities related to a.
   c. Other activities related to Fedora
       i. local speakers on Fedora, etc.

III. Press releases -- How to

   a. timetable/frequency
   b. writing
       i. content and length
       ii. contact information
       iii. supporting materials
   c. delivery of release
   d. follow-up with reporter/editor

IV. Cultivating media contacts

   a. What to do
   b. What NOT to do

V. Finding yourself on television/radio

   a. What to do
   b. What NOT to do

[More to follow]