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Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee Election 2009: Nominations

Candidates may be any member of the Ambassadors group in the Fedora Accounts System. This helps ensure FAmSCo members have some experience with the processes of Fedora Ambassadors but still allows relatively new contributors to sit on FAmSCo and bring fresh ideas to the table.

Ambassadors will be following the Fedora general election timeline.

You may self-nominate. If you wish to nominate someone else, please consult with that person ahead of time. Wiki nomination pages carry additional details about the nominee which the nominee is expected to write.

Joerg Simon (kital)

  • Candidate statement

I am proud that major goals i had planned last year for my first FAmSCo candidature are achieved:

But i also failed with some goals:

  • the process to find new ways to encourage people for contributions needs improvement
  • i was not sustainable enough to enforce that the Ambassador Group has liasons to the other important Groups in the Fedora Project

Once doesn't count ;) - i would be really happy if you trust me again. As a FAmSCo member i will further do all my best to help all Fedora Ambassadors to achieve their best contributions.

  • Contributor profile

After a history as Linux user/enthusiast/contributor since 1995, my involvement with Fedora started with my first FUDCon in 2005, today i contribute to multiple groups in the Fedora Project. My main focus in Fedora right now is: the work on membership Community Development and Mentoring, Fedora as Security Testing Platform and the Fedora Security Spin, Fedora mailing list- and membership-administration and working on strong support for the Fedora Community in underrepresented regions in the world! Promoting Fedora on Events is another major part of my work and so i work as organizer, driver, helper, slogger, promoter on a lot Events every year and i produce, store and ship a lot of the EMEA SWAG and Booth Material.

  • Future plans
  • more transparency for the work that is done by FAmSCo
  • further - enhance Fedora´s presence in underrepresented Regions - concrete: a translation marathon in Kyrgyzstan in 2010 and more focus on Africa!
  • further - improve the Membership and regional Mentoring Process
  • establish measurability not only for Membership also for Success of Events!
  • ongoing - Establish liasons to other subprojects! - especally to marketing, artwork and docs!
  • ongoing - Invent new ways to encourage people to contribute to the Fedora Project

Shakthi Kannan (mbuf)

  • Candidate statement
 * Streamline delivery of content to scale down the learning curve in using F/OSS with the help of Fedora.
 * Fedora marketing to regions that require attention and support.
 * Work on providing more hands-on workshops for newbies starting to work with Fedora.
  • Contributor profile

I help with the following:

 * Conduct free workshops, and training sessions during weekends /work.
 * Create F/OSS content /downloads.
 * Assist newbies on starting to work on F/OSS projects.
 * Work on Fedora Electronic Lab packaging Fedora Electronic Lab.
  • Future plans

I don't make long term plans, but would like to focus on the above mentioned objectives for the next one year (to begin with).

Maria Gracia Leandro (tatica)

  • Candidate statement

As a Fedora Ambassador, I have been able to help several users and new ambassadors on this learning and teaching journey. My main goal is to make users heard and understood, make them be part of everything and give them answers to their needs. We all know that ambassadors are the knowledge gate into fedora and a conection part between users and developers.

Fedora is one of the best comunnities, solid and organized but fedora is a lot more. We need to encourage our ambassadors not only to spread fedora to users, we also need to spread fedora to governaments, developers, schools and also to ourselves. We need to teach people how to use fedora, but also how to contribute.

I'm really unsure about getting into FAmSCo, I know I'm one of the newest ambassadors going for this position, but maybe we need a new approach to get some issues solved, new ideas, more feed back, something. Let's keep fedora be what it is for us and work to grow up.


  • Future plans
    • Get to more people that I do, an dbe able to make them be part of fedora and help with our organization, planning and presence tasks.
    • Get to countries and communities where there aren't fedora users or builded communities
    • Help to improve fedora merchandising on LatinAmerica.
    • Increase communication/cooperation with Red Hat in LATAM
    • Motivate all ambassadors to share their knowledge/experience in terms of how to organize/run a event/booth.
    • Possibly I will run a research about what do we need as community, what are we doing wrong and what can we improve, because all this efforth is for our users.
    • Next month will be release Fedora-Latam Magazine.
    • Help to latinamerican community and try to set a new stategy for merchandising supply to all.
    • We start the "fedora-route" in Venezuela, and I'll like to get some support, ideas and help to make this an international event; making several events with a close squedual (maybe a month or two)
    • Help to improve Freemedia project held on LATAM
    • I have a big concern about inactive ambassadors, I've see some numbers growing up and we need to do something about it. Maybe aply some prize, bimensual contest (just for fun) or something else
    • more ideas are comming.

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  • Candidate statement
  • Contributor profile
  • Future plans