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[edit] AnacondaDispatcher

When running anaconda various steps take place, some that you interact with some that you don't. The dispatcher takes care of moving through the steps.

The dispatcher defines a list of steps in the form:

( name, tuple)
( name, Function, tuple)

The two element tuple is a UI step, the three element is called directly from dispatcher.

[edit] Non-ui steps

  • Dispatcher directly calls the function in question with the args in the list

[edit] UI based steps

There is additional complexity here as the different interfaces to anaconda (text, cli, gui) call through in different ways the basic logic is:

  • Mapping of step name to file/class/function
  • On moving through the ui, go to next step
  • If the step is a UI step look up in map and call out to ( eg __call__ or apply(obj, args))