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[edit] Actual command usage

  •* --arch=i386 --total-discs=6 --bin-discs=3 --src-discs=3 --release-string="Red Hat Linux" --pkgorderfile=/tmp/pkgorder.12345 --distdir=/usr/src/someunifiedtree --srcdir=/usr/src/someunifiedtree/SRPMS

[edit] Options

--arch=i386 product architecture

--total-discs=6 total number of disks in the distro

--bin-discs=3 total number of binary disks

--src-discs=3 total number of source disks

--release-string= release name == "Fedora Core 1"

--pkgorderfile=/tmp/pkgorder.12345 path to the pkgorder.txt file

--distdir=/usr/src/someunifiedtree /fedora/i386

--srcdir=/usr/src/someunifiedtree/SRPMS path to the SRPMS directory /fedora/i386/SRPMS

--productpath= directory name of the directory that contains ./RPMS and ./base defaults to "RedHat", but we change it to Fedora in anaconda.