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As of the git "newui" branch of anaconda on February 27, 2012 the following things should work:

  • Welcome Spoke:
    • Everything.
  • Network Spoke:
    • Everything.
  • Summary Hub:
    • Not allowing you to continue until all icons have been removed.
    • Removing /!\ icons when a spoke has been visited and completed.
    • Removing the info bar at the bottom when all icons have been removed.
    • Selecting all spokes.
    • Status on incomplete spokes reflects what's being waited upon.
    • The storage and source spokes are greyed out until storage scanning is done.
    • The software spoke is greyed out until installation source is done.
  • Date & Time Spoke:
    • Everything.
  • Keyboard Spoke:
    • Remove, Move up, Move down buttons.
  • Installation Source Spoke:
    • If you're booting from a DVD, you should get the option to install from it.
    • Media check.
    • Reporting entered source back to the hub.
    • Selecting various network sources changes the widgets available.
  • Network Configuration Spoke:
    • Everything.
  • Software Selection Spoke:
    • Everything except custom add-on button.
  • Installation Destination Spoke:
    • Continue button should pop up one of three dialogs, depending upon what's already installed on your selected disks.
    • Detected disks should be shown in Local Standard Disks pane.
    • Review checkbox takes you to the manual partitioning screen, but you can't do anything there.
    • Shopping cart button in bottom left should be sensitive only if any disks are selected.
  • Manual Partitioning:
    • Back takes you back to Installation Destination Spoke.
  • Personalization (progress) Hub:
    • Progress reporting for partitioning.
  • In General:
    • Keyboard navigation (tab, alt-whatever, etc.).
    • Spokes should remember what was entered if you go back and forth.
    • Unhandled exceptions kill the UI but leave you sitting at tty1 looking at the traceback.