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Appendix J

Useful Links

Collection of Useful Anaconda Customization Sites

Hacking Red Hat Kickstart by Brett Schwarz

Further Information and tools to 'Hacking Red Hat Kickstart' article

Customization of Anaconda Installer on Red Hat Linux 9 / Fedora Core 1 * We'll need the final link once the page is converted from the Rau site.

The RedHat 7 Customised Installer (unofficial) mini-HOWTO

Building a Red Hat Linux 6.2 CDROM

Mitel SME Server - Custom Anaconda Installer HowTo

SME iso how-to

Howto modify e-smith interface rpm

Linux: Updating and Rebuildling RedHat 9 Installation CDs

Red Hat -- Linux, Embedded Linux and Open Source Solutions

UBLinux Technical Documentation

Red Hat 8.0 Custom CD - Custom Red Hat Linux installation CD

Fedora Single CD Load Project

Burning a RedHat CD HOWTO

How to build a Custom RedHat 7.2 Install CD

Perfect Redhat Custom CDs

Creating a Custom RedHat Installation CD

Customizing RedHat Linux Kickstart Installation Cdrom

Bob's Anaconda HOWTO

Collection of Useful Kickstart Sites

RedHat Linux KickStart HOWTO

Make a new kickstart redhat disk

Adding users in kickstart

Kickstart Tools

Where to Put A Kickstart File

Kickstart Options