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Allwinner A10 Series

The Allwinner A10 is a Cortex-A8 SoC aimed at Tablets and Media device.

Draft: This Document is a work in progress.

Community Project: Support for A10 Devices is currently provide by the community on a best-effort basis. The Kernel code to support the A10 has not yet been pushed into the mainline Kernel.

Hardware Packs

Rhombus-Tech and are currently providing nightly builds of Uboot and Kernel for various A10 based devices.

Mele A1000 / A2000 / A100


Follow as above or use on of the prebuilt images prebuilt images: [1]

Write Images

The Process for creating SD/microSD images for A10 devices is common between them.

Linux Users

1) Download A1000 hardware pack from nightly builds. This is a Kernel and Uboot pre-built.

2) Grab the Script.

chmod +x

3) Download the Fedora Root FS.

4) Run the A1x-media-create script.

./ /dev/<location-of-the-SD/microSD-card> mele-<device>_hwpack_YYYY.MM.DD.7z Fedora-17-armhfp-console.tar.xz

5) Insert your SD image into your A10 device. The device you now boot Fedora.

Source Code

A listing of the current development repositories can be found on the Rombus Tech wiki /