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'''''make modules'''''
'''''make modules'''''
'''''INTALL_MOD_PATH=(anydirectory) make modules_install'''''
'''''INSTALL_MOD_PATH=(anydirectory) make modules_install'''''

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First, grab a source code. wget

Extract and install the package tar xjvf (tar.bz2 file)

You get a folder called linux- Change to that directory and edit the Makefile.

Inside the Makefile, change to the following:

ARCH  ?= arm CROSS_COMPILE ?= (directory of the cross-compiler) For example, /home/username/Desktop/arm-2010.09/bin/arm-none-linux-gnueabi-

Next, make sure you have the defconfig file in your arch/arm/configs folder. You can then proceed with the command make (name of defconfig file)

After that, use make gconfig to open up the GUI configuration where you can choose to install specific drivers and such.

After saving the gconfig, you can use make uImage command to make the kernel for the ARM device.

To make the modules, you use the following commands:

make modules

INSTALL_MOD_PATH=(anydirectory) make modules_install