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Members of the Fedora ARM project are attending the 2013 FUDCon event in Lawrence, Kansas (Kansas University). We have sessions on Friday (Primary Arch promotion, builds), Saturday (community involvement, getting to know the Fedora ARM project), and Sunday (additional), with some informal events besides. Please see below for further details.


The following people can help you find the ARM team in Kansas, or help with ARM-related concerns:

  • Jon Masters (IRC: jonmasters, cell: +1-617-759-1337).
  • Brendan Conoboy (IRC: bconoboy, cell: +1-714-326-9657).
  • Chris Tyler (IRC: ctyler, cell: Canadian roaming, are you kidding?)


NOTE: Dinner is at Tellers at 8pm. We are heading out from the conference hotel (ride sharing) at 7:30pm (please contact Jon Masters by text on 617-759-1337 if you need picking up from somewhere else). If you have not RSVPed please contact Jon to let him know you are planning to attend.

  • ARM to Primary (Brendan Conoboy, ARM team)
  • ARM Building Exercises (Mark Langsdorf)


  • Jared Smith brought an OpenBlocks AX3 ARM server (based on the Armada XP processor) that is currently running Debian, and he'd like some help getting Fedora on it -- both to show the OpenBlocks folks how we got it working, as well as to help Jared learn more about getting ARM running on a new piece of hardware.