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Testing performed by [[jonmasters]]
Testing of a basic model GuruPlug Server performed by [[jonmasters]]

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Testing of a basic model GuruPlug Server performed by jonmasters


Test Result Notes
1 PASS Downloaded image on host system and copied
2 N/A Did not have checksum at that time
3 PASS Image was smaller than 4GB
4 PASS Image copied successfully to a USB stick. Note however that the system could not boot from this device due to a U-Boot limitation (not recognizing certain USB devices), so I had to flash the NAND manually. Sent email to the list. Not a Fedora ARM limitation.
5 PASS All services started.
6 PASS Prompt was presented
7 PASS Updates install successfully
8 PASS Logging verified
9 PASS Reboot was tested
10 N/A No audio hardware
11 PASS Release notes present
12 N/A No GUI
13 N/A No GUI
14 N/A No GUI
15 N/A No GUI, however I did have the filesystems on a USB stick, and was able to use a WiFi USB adapter
16 N/A No GUI
17 N/A No GUI
18 N/A No GUI
19 N/A No GUI