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Koji Details

The current Fedora-ARM Koji system is located at Seneca College. See [1] for details.



  • Currently supported: armv5tel (generally runs without problem on higher architectures) - this is ARMv5TE, little endian, soft float, GNU-EABI
  • Next goal: add support for armv7tel including vfp+neon (may be kernel/glibc/openssl with the rest of userland as armv5tel).


  • Use koji-shadow to follow the package builds performed on the primary archs.
  • Catch up with F13 and follow builds from that point on.


  • F12 is available from the previous Fedora-ARM initiative (see [[2]])
  • build-previous has been run against F13
  • Currently working on getting F13 glibc built before starting to shadow