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= Fedora 18 for PPC64 Release Announcement =  
= Fedora 18 for PPC64 Release Announcement =  

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Fedora 18 for PPC64 Release Announcement

The Fedora for Power team is mooved to roll Fedora 18 for ppc64 out of the barn and onto a mirror near you.

New Features

All of the new features and benefits in the F18_release_announcement apply to this release, in addition to the following features:

  • Fedora 18 is the first release of Fedora for Power to contain packages optimized for POWER7 processors. These optimized packages (indicated by the ppc64p7 architecture) will be automatically installed on systems which support them.
  • Anaconda, the Fedora installation program, has been extensively redesigned since Fedora 17. Documentation is available in the Installation Guide and is generally applicable to Fedora for PPC64.

Known Issues

General Common_F18_bugs also apply to this release, but you should also be aware of the following issues before tipping the cow:

  • When using the new Fedora Upgrader tool, fedup, please ensure that your system has all f17 updates applied. The upgrade process will hang when it attempts to pivot into the upgrade image otherwise.
  • fedup has not been tested in multipath configurations but we believe it should work properly.


To contribute and get involved with Fedora for Power, please see our project page at Arch:PPC or join us in #fedora-ppc on Freenode.