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= FUDCon Delhi 2006 =
FUDCon Delhi 2006 will be held on February 9th, 2006, at [ LinuxAsia 2006] . Artwork for the FUDCon Delhi 2006 are put up [[FUDCon/FUDConDelhi2006/FUDConDelhiArtwork|  here]]
== Official Page ==
== Presentations ==
== Pictures ==
* Runa, Bengali translator for Fedora -
* Colin Charles, MySQL community manager and Fedora - contributor
* Sayamandu, GNOME contributor and Fedora enthusiast -
* Rohan Dighe, Fedora enthusiast,
== Reports ==
* RahulSundaram - [[FUDCon/FUDConDelhi2006/Report|  FUDCon Delhi 2006 Report]]  
* Rohan Dighe, Pune India Linux User group participant -
== News ==
== Final Agenda ==
This is the final agenda,  See [[FUDCon/FUDConDelhi2006/FUDConDelhiSpeakers|  FUDConDelhi Speakers]]  for a list of Speakers and their Profiles. The presentations are available in the section above.
|- style="color: white; background-color: #3074c2; font-weight: bold"
| '''Time''' || '''Session''' || '''Speaker''' || '''Note''
|10.30 - 11.00||Welcome Speech||VenkateshHariharan / AlolitaSharma|| n/a
|11.00 - 11.30||All About Fedora||GregDeKoenigsberg||Fedora Foundation President and Community manager.<BR>Covering the fedora project history, current statues, extras, ambassador activities, etc.: [[Image:FUDCon_FUDConDelhi2006_Fedora.LinuxAsia.002.odp]]
|11.30 - 12.00||Fedora Desktop Roadmap||ChristopherBlizzard||Red Hat Desktop Lead and Mozilla Foundation member<BR>Covering the Linux desktop on where are we now and what are we doing.
|12.00 - 12.30||State of FOSS - An overview of the Indian community, contributors and projects||KishoreBhargava||The Indian Developer Community - mentoring developers and catching them young. Who's doing what ? How do we get to be on the same page ?
|12.30 - 13.00||Community Plumbing: How to Contribute to Fedora||SankarshanMukhopadhyay||Fedora Ambassador talking about what needs to be done for becoming and active Fedora contributor.
|14.45 - 15.15||MySQL and Fedora: A Developer's Overview||ColinCharles||The developer's overview covers whats new and cool in MySQL 5, and what one can expect in MySQL 5.1, from a full-featured database suite. MySQL AB wants to work closely with the Linux distribution community, and that means active participation in the Fedora Project. Previously we've had our differences with regards to licensing, and a mishmash of 3.23 libraries and a 4.x server - we shall cover that in a more in-depth session. A lot of external developers and coders wonder how their code can get into MySQL's tree, or get hacking on MySQL - this is easy! Learn more about the storage engines shipped, so you may find something to hack on. There will also possibly be a quick cluster demo, if time (and hardware) permits
|15.15 - 15.45||L10n from a Developer's Perspective & Developement in the areas of L10N||RamakrishnaReddy / AnkitPatel|| Red Hat QA Engineer & Red Hat Language Maintainer (Gujarati - gu_IN)<BR>Helping users to understand the localisation technologies and jargons floating around like IIMF, SCIM, Keymaps etc. Objective is to get the developers aware how easy to develop multi language applications in Linux using the localization technologies available out of the box. Promote developers to do developement in the L10N area.
|15.45 - 16.15||Desktop Gaps: Device Drivers, Usability and Testing||ChristopherBlizzard||Focused on broad level desktop gaps that need to be filled like drivers, integration, multimedia etc and how the community can help plug the gaps
|16.15 - 16.45||Enabling Devices||SatishMohan ||Will be focusing on explaining the desktop peripheral enablement and various challenges in cracking the black boxes.
|16.45 - 17.15||Bug Zapping: Testing & Triaging||RahulSundaram||Triaging and documentation team member. Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee member and Fedora Ambassador for India. Focuss on explaining the dogtail project and the fedora [[BugZappers|  bug triaging initiatives]] , explaining the bug resolving part as well as the reporting part (both from developers and users point).
|17.15 - and beyond||BoF: Community & Contributions||GregDeKoenigsberg, ChristopherBlizzard, SatishMohan, RahulSundaram|| all present!

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X1TTH5 <a href="">tpfoytaciwsr</a>, [url=]cnclaogmrcax[/url], [link=]fervtddswzqh[/link],