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Documentation Illustration Service


Working on a how-to or reference guide for Fedora, and think an illustration, diagram, or icon would help make your point clearer? Drop a request here!

How to use the service

For users

Add a new entry in the ""Request list"" below, specify the type of illustration you need and any details (e.g., what guide is it for? what concept are you trying to explain?), and contact info (email and irc are good) so an artist/designer can get in contact with you if there's any information they need to create the design.

Watch the page to see when is taken/completed. If it doesn't seem like anyone is picking it up, forward your request to

For Fedora Art contributors

When you start working on a new design change the status to reflect is taken. When ready, change the status to 'closed'. If any artwork or design you come up with might be generally useful for others, post it here so we can save it as a resource.

Request list

Wiki Username Request Designer Status
KarlieRobinson How to insert a SD card into the OLPC XO. This will be used for instuctions on how to load F10 onto the XO. I can give more details to the assigned designer. none yet none yet