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('''Round 3''')
('''Round 3''')
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Image:InvinXble_Kde_Login.png |'''InvinXble KDE Login''' - [[Media:InvinXble_Kde_Login.svg | Source SVG]]
Image:InvinXble_Kde_Login_base.png |'''InvinXble KDE Login''' - [[Media:InvinXble_Kde_Login.svg | Source SVG]]
Image:InvinXble_user_icon.png |'''InvinXble User Basic Icon''' - [[Media:InvinXble_user_icon.svg | Source SVG]]
Image:InvinXble_user_icon.png |'''InvinXble User Basic Icon''' - [[Media:InvinXble_user_icon.svg | Source SVG]]

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InvinXble logo.jpg


I've created the "invinXble" theme thinkin about this is the 10 version of this distribution. I've thinked to the difficulties founded on the road, but the project doesn't quit, and, if sometime it may be falled it raised up strongest than before. Fedora had to fight to reach this point, so we can say Fedora it's Invincible, or better invinXble. I play with the name, yes. :D Let me show you some Layout of my idea.

Round 3


InvinXble 2054x1536.jpg

Wallpapers: Format 2048x1536 - 4:3 | 1920x1200 - 16:9 | 1280x1024 - 5:4 | 2560x1240 - Dual 4:3 | 2560x960 - Dual 16:9

SysLinux Splash + GRUB

InvinXble Screen Prompt 640x480 16 mockup.jpg

Anaconda Pack (Header + Splash)


InvinXble Splash Progress mockup.jpg

Welcome Screen

InvinXble welcome screen mockup.png

KDE Login

InvinXble Kde login mockup.jpg

Round 2

Round 2 gallery

Round 1