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After some IRC discussion, we three decided to co-op this theme idea, and will all submit our own stuff and mortal combat it out later

Michael's proposals

Initial idea. Cross between neon colors and cyberpunk society. Think Blade Runner or Johnny Mnemonic. Inspired in contrast to Gears/Steampunk theme proposal

Artwork F10Themes Neon neon.png

Mairin's proposals

Slogan: Fedora. Lighting the Way.

Neon and sulphur are both elements of the periodic table. That's the name link. Neon is also element #10 in the periodic table. It seems a relevant subject for Fedora 10.

Light Painting Experiment

Artwork F10Themes Neon light-painting.jpg

Walking Towards The Light City Scene

Artwork F10Themes Neon city-scene-1.png

Artwork F10Themes Neon city-scene-2.png

Artwork F10Themes Neon city-scene-3.png

Ian's proposals

Ryan's proposals

just an initial concept playing around in inkscape to achieve a neon effect. --RyanLerch Artwork F10Themes Neon ryanlerch neon1.png