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{{admon/important|This project is obsolete|We're working on replacing this project with [[Taskotron]]. AutoQA is no longer being developed.}}

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This project is obsolete
We're working on replacing this project with Taskotron. AutoQA is no longer being developed.
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[edit] Introduction

AutoQA is an automated test system for Fedora. Its design is simple: when certain events occur, AutoQA launches automated tests. Events that AutoQA monitors include:

  • New packages in the koji build system
  • New Fedora updates submitted through bodhi
  • Updated package repositories for rawhide, the current branched release (Fedora 25), and previous Fedora releases
  • Updated installable images of the current branched release (Fedora 25)

See AutoQA results web interface.

[edit] Get Involved

Just looking? Follow the links below for general information on the AutoQA project.

Interested in writing tests?

How about contributing back to the AutoQA project?

[edit] Communicate

Please contact us! We look forward to your ideas and suggestions.