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If you're wondering what Big Data things are in Fedora, or are interested in working on packaging or reviews to help out the Big Data SIG, this is the page to look at!

If you know of a big-data-related package that is already in Fedora, or have one that you'd like to get into Fedora, be sure to list it here, or link to the page describing what needs to be done, or link to the bugzilla that needs help.

Existing tools already in Fedora

  • Cool things go here.
  • We could use some of the buckets listed in the meeting, which follow below.
  • But if you don't know where they belong, right here is just fine!



Batch Processing

Stream Analysis

Online Processing / Analysis

New Packaging

Things needing packaging or reviews

Becoming a packager

Not yet a packager? Check out the Package Maintainers page to get more information. You could also ask on the Big Data SIG mailing list for assistance and see if you can find a willing helper or sponsor.