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Fedora Bug Zappers

Who Are We?

Fedora Common Bugs
Fedora 8 Fedora 9 Fedora 10
  • Our primary mission is to track down and shoot Fedora bugs in . We also strive to be a bridge between users and developers that aids in fixing and closing bugs
  • See if you qualify  :-)

Contributing roles in the Bug Zappers Project

Contributing roles
This is only suggestions for contributing roles. Only your imagination sets the limts.

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OS Developer

How Can I Help?

  • See Joining for information on what's involved and to sign up for special Bugzilla permissions.
  • The Component list tracks progress and has pre-formatted queries to produce bug lists
  • Need help Finding Bugs to work on?
  • How to Triage has a checklist you can use for each bug as you process it.

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