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Release Tracking Bugs

Current Tracker Bugs

Fedora 10

Blocker Alias Bug Number
Fedora 10 Alpha F10Alpha 446445
Fedora 10 Beta F10Beta 446447
Fedora 10 Preview F10Preview 446449
Fedora 10 Blocker F10Blocker 438943
Fedora 10 Target F10Target 438994

Fedora 11

Blocker Alias Bug Number
Fedora 11 Alpha F11Alpha TBD
Fedora 11 Beta F11Beta TBD
Fedora 11 Preview F11Preview TBD
Fedora 11 Blocker F11Blocker 446451
Fedora 11 Target F11Target 446451


  • Criteria for considering a bug to be a blocker to be added to a release tracker are set by the Quality Assurance team on their release criteria page.
  • Fedora creates a series of tracker bugs at the beginning of each new release cycle for two release cycles in advance
  • For example, at the release of Fedora 9, Fedora 11 Target and Blocker bugs were created. At the release of Fedora 10, Fedora 12 blocker and target bugs will be created, etc.


Create the following tracking bugs:

  1. Alpha
  2. Beta
  3. Preview
  4. Blocker (must fix prior to GA)
  5. Target (good to fix, but does not block release)
  6. Record new tracker bugs in the section Current Tracker Bugs above

Tracker bugs should be created with the following attributes:

  1. Alias corresponding to the blocker and release. For example
    • Fedora 22 Alpha would be: F22Alpha
    • Fedora 23 GA Blocker would be: F23Blocker
  2. Keyword Tracking
  • A bugzilla query reporting all tracker bugs is here: here
Tracker bugs--commonly referred to as blocker bugs--are meta-bugs used to monitor a group of bugs that must be resolved before a specific release milestone and are therefore considered to block the release.