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Triaging Tools

What exactly is the purpose of this page and how should we describe it? IOW can we be more focused about exactly what kinds of tools we intend to talk about here versus dumping anything that remotely qualifies as a bug tool here?
  • Bugzilla Triage Buttons This is a GreaseMonkey script that requires both firefox and the GreaseMonkey plug-in. With both installed click the link to the script and it will automatically install. This add additional buttons to a bug page on bugzilla these will create a stock response to a bug. NEEDINFO Reminder will not close the bug but send a reminder to the reporter that the maintainer is asking for information to resolve the bug. NO RESPONSE is the stock response and settings to close a bug that the reporter never gave sufficient information for. The buttons fill in the fields but do not submit the form, after selecting a button check the fields and click Save Changes.

Finding Bugs to Triage

Manipulating Bugzilla

  • The deskbar applet has a fedora bugzilla plugin--
 Right click on panel > Add to panel > Deskbar  
 Then to add the Bugzilla plugin - Right Click on the Deskbar icon on the panel > Preferences > check the Bugzilla plugin.


  • A project has been started to create some useful metrics of the state of fedora bugs, or Fedora Metrics. This will allows us to identify areas that progress is being made, as well as where we need to dirrect our focus. At some point we also want to be able to start identifying and rewarding those that are making contributions.

Stock Phrases