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== Event Report ==
== Event Report ==
Coming soon!
[http://blog.jds2001.org/random_thoughts/2012/10/event-report-cposc-2012.html Jon Stanley]

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[edit] CPOSC 2-12

[edit] Dates/Location

October 27, 2012. Location is Harrisburg University in Harrisburg, PA.

[edit] Event Description

A one day conference about everything Open Source. Attendance is capped at 150, the capacity of the venue. The event sells out every year.

[edit] Event Owners

Jon Stanley

[edit] Fedora Representatives

Booth help is needed! Please sign up below.

  1. Jon Stanley

[edit] Important Deadlines

None known (yet!)

[edit] Event Budget

$150 - sponsorship which entitles us to a table. See this page for more info.

[edit] Travel Subsidy Requests

[edit] Jon Stanley

Reason: Event owner

Cost: $126 Amtrak fare + one night hotel ($109.99 plus taxes)

[edit] Event Report

Jon Stanley