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The Fedora Fonts Special Interest Group

The Fonts SIG could have been named the Text or Typography SIG. While fonts are a large part of what we do, our actual scope is larger.

Short URL:

[edit] Activities

The Fonts Special Interest Group is an informal group of Fedora Linux contributors. It is dedicated to improving fonts availability and text rendering/layouting in the distribution and its other Linux derivatives.

Join us and help:

Fonts SIG activities
Activity OS Developer Translator Content Writer Designer People Person
Join Designer.png
Join Translator.png
  • package new fonts and font tools,
  • review font packages before Fedora inclusion,
  • fix font or text problems in applications and libraries,
Join OSDeveloper.png
  • propose good Fedora fonts defaults,
Join OSDeveloper.png Join Translator.png Join Designer.png
  • identify font or text problems in applications and libraries,
  • improve font package descriptions and summaries to help users choose the right fonts for their needs,
Join OSDeveloper.png Join Translator.png Join ContentDeveloper.png
  • convince foundries to release fonts under a free/libre Fedora-friendly license,
  • recruit possible free/libre font authors,
  • recruit new SIG members,
  • get font or text problems fixed,
  • improve the SIG visibility by getting it linked and quoted everywhere,
Join Translator.png Join ContentDeveloper.png Join PeoplePerson.png
  • document font creation tasks,
  • document free/libre font release best practices,
  • document free/libre font packaging,
  • clarify, complete and improve our wiki,
  • identify interesting third-party material, and link it here,
  • convert wiki information to other document formats.
Join Translator.png Join ContentDeveloper.png

Any font or text-related activity can be tackled, as long as the result is free/libre and compatible with the Fedora objectives.

The current SIG task list is published here.

[edit] Get involved

Follow the steps listed on this page, and you'll be fine.

[edit] Communicate

Fonts SIG mailing lists
Mailing list name Intended use Web archives
Source Gmane MarkMail The mail archive
  • Main SIG coordination channel, for human discussions.
  • Post your questions and proposals there.
Archives Archives Feed-icon-14x14.png Archives Archives
  • Automated tracking of font and text issues.
  • Consult it to follow new problem reports and fixes, CC it in issue trackers.
  • Read only archiving list:
    • do not post messages there, use the other list
    • you can follow this archive via digests, internet archives, etc
Archives Archives Feed-icon-14x14.png Archives Archives

We do not have a dedicated IRC channel right now; the general low-traffic #fonts[?] channel on should be used instead. It is shared by several free/open font groups and is distribution-agnostic.

Nicolas Spalinger of SIL, Debian and Ubuntu fonts fame has set up planet open fonts Feed-icon-14x14.png, with a VCS satellite Feed-icon-14x14.png, to help people in the free/libre-open fonts community exchange information.


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