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Adding NetworkManager Connections via CLI


Support for adding new NetworkManager connections using the nmcli commandline tool.


Current status

Detailed Description

Administrators will be able to configure new connections via a simple command-line interface. It will be possible to create and activate new connections, as well as delete them.

Benefit to Fedora

Users more comfortable with the command-line will now have a capable network configuration tool in addition to directly editing network configuration files. Adding and changing network connections is a common task and should be easy to do from the command-line, in addition to GUI tools like nm-connection-editor. These enhancements will add support for configuring all major network connection types supported by NetworkManager (including bridge, bond, vlan, wifi, ethernet, 3G/4G, etc) from an interactive mode of nmcli.


Upgrade/compatibility impact

Some of the arguments to nmcli will change, which may impact scripts. Reasonable efforts to interpret the old option formats will be made.

How To Test

Create a connection using nmcli and check that it was successful.

User Experience

Users comfortable with the command-line can run nmcli in an interactive mode to create or edit network connections through an interface similar to mysql or fdisk.



Contingency Plan

  • Contingency mechanism: Administrators can continue hand-editing configuration files in keyfile or ifcfg format.
  • Contingency deadline: N/A
  • Blocks release? N/A


Documentation will be drafted at Networking/CLI.

Release Notes

NetworkManager's nmcli command-line tool now supports adding and editing network connections.