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My Name is Christopher Grebs and I'm from Berlin, Germany. I am 19 years old and I'm currently on an apprenticeship as an IT electronics technician.

Fedora & Community

Well, Fedora was one of my first Linux-Distributions and after trying nearly about 20 others I fall back in love with Fedora. My list of community work for now is really really short in fact, I've done nothing. Recently I joined the l10n team to help translating docs into German, maybe there could be a bit more but that's enough for now.

Skills & Interests

  • Skills: Very good Linux, Webdesign, Python and C# skills
  • Interests: Linux, OSS-Community-Work, IT at all as well as technical books.


Contacting me is really easy, just write a mail to `cg at webshox dot org` or via jabber `shoxi at aszlig dot net`. I don't bite, just contact me!