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* [[Cloud Marketing Collateral]]
* [[Cloud Marketing Collateral]]
* [[OpenStack]]
* [[OpenStack]]
** Getting openstack-nova into Fedora.
** Getting openstack-swift updated to 1.3.0
* [[Features/BoxGrinder]]
* [[Features/BoxGrinder]]
* Sheepdog: [[Features/Sheepdog|Sheepdog Feature page,]] [ Sheepdog project page]
* Sheepdog: [[Features/Sheepdog|Sheepdog Feature page,]] [ Sheepdog project page]

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The Fedora Cloud Special Interest Group

Fedora Cloud SIG

The Fedora Cloud SIG works to make Fedora successful on all major cloud platforms, public and private.

Looking for Fedora EC2 information?

A list of currently supported AMIs is maintained here

We also have Instructions for rolling your own AMIs with boxgrinder.

Pre-Built Images for Other Clouds

Download Fedora 18 images in raw and qcow2 format from

Joining and participating in the Cloud SIG

We don't have a formalized join process. Signing up on the mailing list, coming to Cloud SIG meetings, and joining our IRC channel are good ways to get involved.

Mailing List


Fedora Cloud folks hang out on at #fedora-cloud.

Haven't used IRC for communication before? More information on how to use IRC is available here.


The Cloud SIG does not currently hold regular IRC meetings. We generally discuss and decide things on the mailing list.

There are archives of meetings on the Cloud SIG meetings page.

What we're working on


There are a number of folks from various projects participating in the Cloud SIG. Some of these projects are listed below:


Interested in helping out with packaging? Feel free to grab a package from any of the projects you see here. If you're not sure what to work on, feel free to drop a note to our mailing list. If you're not a packager yet, or still need help, we can help out with that on the mailing list as well, or you can read the package maintainers page for more information.

Cloud SIG Packaging request list


In addition to the excellent Cloud Guide created by the Fedora Documentation team with help from Cloud SIG contributors, we have a few wiki pages with documentation: