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Fonts for a particular linguistic region used to be bundled in fonts-region packages. Nowadays this practice is frowned upon, fonts package naming reflects upstream naming like in any other Fedora package, and grouping is achieved through comps groups.

  • Font packages in a legacy format (not TTF or OTF) MUST be registered in the legacy-fonts group.
  • Font packages in a non-legacy format (TTF or OTF):
  • MUST be registered in the fonts group (except when they don't have an active upstream, in which case putting them in legacy-fonts is fine).
  • SHOULD also be registered in every applicable xxx-support localization group, except for groups that only require glyphs in the basic latin range. If a font package adds support for a script previously not supported by Fedora the associated localization groups MUST be created and filed, and the relevant localization teams notified.
  • SHOULD be declared optional, unless:
  • they add support for a new script, in which case they MUST be declared required in the associated localization groups.
  • they add better support for already supported scripts, in which case, if the localization team in charge of each localization group agrees:
  • they can replace existing fonts as mandatory if this script is not covered by distribution-wide default fonts.
  • they can replace existing fonts as default if this script is covered by distribution-wide default fonts.