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Contact Information

Owner: Fedora Infrastructure Team

Contact: #fedora-admin, sysadmin-main, fedora-infrastructure-list

Location: Phoenix

Servers: secondary1, netapp[1-3]

Purpose: Policy regarding hosting, removal and pruning of content.



Fedora hosts a Fedora content and some non-Fedora content. Our resources are finite and as such we have to have some policy around when to remove old content. This SOP describes the test to remove content. The spirit of this SOP is to allow more people to host content and give it a try, prove that it's useful. If it's not popular or useful, it will get removed. Also out of date or expired content will be removed.

What hosting options are available

Aside from the hosting at we have a series of mirrors we're allowing people to use. They are located at:

Who can host? What can be hosted?

Any official Fedora content can be mirrored and hosted. Official content is determined by the Board by virtue of allowing people to use the Fedora trademark. People representing these teams will be allowed to host.

Non Official Hosting

People wanting to host unofficial bits may be approved to do so. Create a ticket at explaining what and why Fedora should host it.


Anything hosted with Fedora _must_ come with a Free software license that is approved by Fedora. See for more.

Requesting Space

Content Pruning / Purging / Removal

The following guidelines / tests will be used to determine whether or not to remove content from the mirror.

Expired / Old Content

If content meets any of the following criteria it may be removed:

  • Content that has reached the end of life.
  • Pre-release content that has been superceeded.
  • EOL releases that have been moved to archives.
  • N-2 or greater releases. If more than 3 versions of a piece of content are on the mirror, the oldest may be removed.

Limited Use Content

If content meets any of the following criteria it may be removed:

  • Content with exceedingly limited seeders or downloaders. with little prospect of increasing those numbers and which is older then 1 year.
  • Content such as videos or audio which are several years old.