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Damir Zubovic

Some words about you.


  • Email: [[MailTo(dzubovic AT gmail DOT com)]
  • MSN: [[MailTo(dzubovic AT gmail DOT com)]
  • Skype: dzubovic
  • IRC: dzubovicbh at #fedora
  • GPG key: Your key ID and/or signature
  • Fedora Account: dzubovic Fedora Account System

Fedora 9 Beta

Izašla je Beta verzija Fedore 9 kodnog imena Sulphur. Finalna verzija najavljena je 29.04.2008. U ovoj verziji mogu se pronaći vrlo interesantne novine kao što su: Kernel 2.6.25-rc5, GNOME 2.22 (KDE 4.0.2)


Activities within Fedora

  • Some words about your involvement in Fedora, your plans, ideas, etc.
  • For example, if you are into translations, the languages you are working on; if you are into docs, the docs you are interested in, etc.