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= When and Where =
= When and Where =
* September 10 - September 11
* September 10 - September 11 2009
* '''[ Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University]''' ([,+Brno&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=37.598824,91.054688&ie=UTF8&cd=1&ll=49.209944,16.598947&spn=0.007584,0.02223&z=16&iwloc=addr google maps]) ([])
* '''[ Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University]''' ([,+Brno&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=37.598824,91.054688&ie=UTF8&cd=1&ll=49.209944,16.598947&spn=0.007584,0.02223&z=16&iwloc=addr google maps]) ([])
* [ Brno, Czech Republic]
* [ Brno, Czech Republic]

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FedoraEvents Header EventN1.png

Fedora Events: Developers Conference, Brno, Czech Republic


  • an Open conference for all Linux and JBoss Developers, Admins and Linux users organized by Red Hat Czech Republic
  • Presentations will be held by Red Hat, Fedora and JBoss users and developers
  • For questions, please contact RadekVokal and MarekMahut


When and Where


  • At this point we're open for all presentation, sessions and topics. If you have one, go ahead and add yourself here

Brief description Person or group
Control Groups a Resource Management Jan Šafránek a Ivana Hutařové Vařeková
KDE topics Jaroslav Řezník & Lukáš Tinkl
Sysconfig guides (UI, PK) Jaroslav Řezník (& Roman Rakus)
Coreutils project Ondřej Vašík
Bugs (why and how to report + related tools overview) (Ondřej Vašík)? (could be combined with workshop)
GNOME 3.0, gnome-shell, Clutter Tomáš Bžatek
Drools & JBoss BRMS Lukáš Petrovický
Seam & WebBeans Ondřej Skutka a Jozef Hartinger
Mobicents Pavel Šlégr backend Jozef Chocholáček a Libor Krzyžanek
jBPM 4 Jiří Pechanec
Hibernate Search Juraci Costa
JBoss Transactions and Web Services Ivo Studenský
JON and Jopr Lukáš Krejčí a Pavel Králík
Systemtap Petr Muller
FreeIPA Martin Nagy a Jakub Hrozek
What's new in RPM, insider info from RPM development Jindrich Novy

Workshops and Hands-on labs

  • The workshops and labs will be done in a room with 10 workstations, sessions will be apx 1 hour long
Brief description Person or group
Bug hunting event Ivana Hutarova Varekova and company
Fedora on Mainframes Dan Horák
Fedora Secondary Architectures Dan Horák
Setting up private Koji instance & Add-on Repositories Dan Horák
PowerManagment - various topics about pm, programming practices pm-group
JBoss Portal - configuration and portlet development Marek Posolda a Viliam Ročkai
JBoss Developer Studio - real life use Dominik Pospíšil
How to secure your JEE application Peter Škopek
JBoss ESB in practice or performance tuning Pavel Macík, Martin Večeřa, Lukáš Petrovický
Writing infrastructure tools in Python (using kobo library) Daniel Mach
Block diagrams, trees, timing diagrams, mindmaps and it's creating (different SW) Lukáš Doktor
Red Hat Test Suite workshop QE


  • Q: Do I have to do my presentation in English?
  • A: Nope, it's up to you. We're expecting some foreigners and visits from Red Hat to come, but if you don't feel comfortable doing the presentation in English, do it in Czech/Slovak
  • Q: So what kind of conference is it going to be? Like every other Linux conference?
  • A: No! The plan is to have a conference for developers, admins and testers, eg. not average Linux users, but for skilled Linux users who are either administering some servers, deploying services on Linux or developing apps on Linux
  • Q: How long does my presentation or session have to be?
  • A: Anylong from 30minutes up to one hour, workshops will probably be longer. We'll prepare a schedule apx a month before the event, at that time you'll be asked for time estimate.


  • If you need help with lodging in Brno put a note with desired dates after your name in the Registration part
  • Hotel Avanti - closest hotel, 5-10 minutes of walking to University
  • Hotel Imos - cheaper option, apx 20minutes by public transport far from University


  • List of attendees (registration is necessary for people who need lodging arrangements and for a pub event on Friday night! :-) )
  • RadekVokal
  • MarekMahut
  • ...
  • ...


There are several airports around Brno; can be used to see which budget airlines operate flights to a destination; for your convenience, the airport names below are linked there; can help you finding non-direct connections. For information about booking the train or bus tickets, follow the links in the rightmost column.

Airport (code, people transported/year) Distance from Brno By bus (time, price one way) By train (time, price/price back Detailed instructions
Brno (BRQ, 0.5 mil.) 0 km
Bratislava (BTS, 2 mil.) 130 km 2:30 EUR 9 2:00, EUR 9 (return EUR 13) Bratislava -> Brno
Wien, Vienna (VIE, 18 mil.) 150 km 2:40, CZK 310 (EUR 12.70) 1:40, EUR 27/EUR 9 Vienna -> Brno
Prague (PRG, 13 mil.) 210 km 2:30, CZK 200 or 150 (EUR 8.20 or 6.15) from 2:45 to 3:30, CZK 314/175 (EUR 12.80/7.15) Prague -> Brno

Note: the times include the time needed to get from the airport to the railway or bus station.

There are no relevant return discounts for trains, and the budget airlines often offer no return discount as well, so there is little incentive to use the same airport for both direction. Thus it might be a good idea, for example, to visit Vienna during your return journey; for details, see Vienna -> Brno.


Posters in high-res are avaliable from