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These are some DVD / CD label image files I created for labelling media. The original concept was provided by Máirín Duffy from files found at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/MediaArt/F12#Disc_Label_Artwork

They are deliberately made to use as little ink as possible, so as to be suitable for Freemedia distribution. The xcf file is a layered GIMP image which I used as a template. All text is editable and everything is on separate layers, even the number. Remember, you can preview your edits using the black background but best printing results are gained by using the white background. So make the black background invisible before exporting an image.

Fedora 17
Editable GIMP template.
DVD label for 64 bit install media.
DVD label for 32 bit install media.
CD label for 32 bit Desktop Live media.
CD label for 64 bit Desktop Live media.
CD label for 32 bit KDE Desktop Live media.
CD label for 64 bit KDE Desktop Live media.
This is just a preview of the other label images with a black background.

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