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Fedora Free Media Program Iran


  • The Free Media program is run by voluntary group of Ambassadors and other contributors to fulfill the Free Media requests, the number of Media shipped every month may change...
  • We appreciate all of the support and interest we have received so far, and we hope that more volunteers will step forward to help us increase our capacity and accept a larger number of requests.

If you'd like to participate, please contact the Coordinator.

How To

  • Please do not submit the form twice, Our policy for FreeMedia is "One Media Per Person Per Release". All Duplicate Requests will be Cancelled.
  • Please do not mail Ambassadors requesting CD/DVD. The only way to get a Free Fedora Media is through the Free Media Request Form
  • If your request is not accepted or is delayed for long (there can be many reasons like non availability of resources...) you can opt to send a blank media with return envelop, this will help us fulfill your request faster (this way you can get Fedora in as short as the round trip of the media sent.)


Distribution Team