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* Discussion on Redhat Summer group:
* Discussion on Redhat Summer group:
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[edit] Feature Name

DocBook Editor

[edit] Summary

A WYSIWYG DocBook Editor

[edit] Owner

[edit] Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 12
  • Last updated: 2009-06-01
  • Percentage of completion: 5%
  • Minimal tag-set can be found at DocBook_Editor
  • XSL is being created.

[edit] Detailed Description

This feature aims at implementing a WYSIWYG editor for DocBook XML that Fedora uses to author/maintain its documentation. The richness of DocBook can often overwhelm new users. An easy to use tool will attract new contributors and will also provide a convenient alternative to those who are old-timers.The editor will be developed as a plug-in for Beacon, an XSLT based plug-able editor. The editor can be used as a stand-alone application or can be integrated with Zikula and Publican.

[edit] Benefit to Fedora

It has following benefits:

  • It enables new users to contribute documentation more easily without having to learn DocBook Format.
  • It can be used just like any other desktop editor by people to generate documentation for their own purposes.
  • It can be used as a tool to learn documentation formats by the WYSIWYG approach. This is similar to Do-It-Yourself learning methods as the changes made in the design view can be correlated to the changes introduced in the XML source view.
  • It will be integrated into Zikula CMS which will be used by Fedora to manage their content. This will make it easier to publish content.

[edit] Scope

This is being started as a Google Summer of Code Project ( It will be useable (Ready for consumption) by the end of GSoC period. It is not a big change to the distribution and is more of an isolated end-user product just like any other text editor. It basically involves deploying the DocBook Plug-in along with Beacon as a package so it can be installed/uninstalled by the user.

[edit] How To Test

They will notice an editor available to them that allows them to publish documents in DocBook and/or other formats (supported by Beacon plug-ins). The benefits to end-user are given in the 'Benefits to Fedora' section.

[edit] Dependencies

Beacon has minimal dependencies. PHP 5 is the basic requirement which is quite stable. The upstream project is willing to help in deploying it for multiple distributions.

[edit] Contingency Plan

No other parts of Fedora will be affected by it. It is a web application with minimal or no implications on other parts of Fedora. It is a standalone tool.

[edit] Documentation

Documentation is available at DocBook_Editor_Documentation

[edit] Release Notes

Fedora 12 ships with Beacon, a WYSWIG editor for Docbook that enables Documentation writers to write documentation for Fedora with minimal Docbook experience.

[edit] Comments and Discussion