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* Internationalization notes:
* Internationalization notes:
* Sysadmin/Developer Notes:
* Sysadmin/Developer Notes:
===KDE Plasma Workspaces 4.11===
===SDDM as Display Manager===
===Plasma-nm Network applet===

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GNOME 3.10

Fedora 20 features GNOME 3.10. This latest version of the GNOME desktop will have a number of new applications and features:

  • New Feature: Fine grained scrolling when dragging the scroll bar handle, or scrolling while holding the shift key.
  • New feature: Support for login and authentication with Smart Cards.
  • New feature: Header bars: Header bars merge title bars and toolbars into a single element, giving more screen space to window content and improving presentation of application controls.
  • Improved Magnifier with caret tracking, press F7 to activate caret.
  • New Feature: Lock screen background customization
  • New feature: Geolocation: A new geolocation framework allows features like automatic timezone updates when travelling and location detection in `Maps`.
  • New feature: `GNOME Documents` support for OwnCloud
  • New feature: Drag and drop files between your computer and a `Boxes` guest. Windows guests will need installed, and linux guests will need an updated version of spice-vdagent.
  • New Feature: `Boxes` support for importing filesystem images
  • Improved user interface for "Comtacts"
  • Improved automatic scaling for high pixel density displays.
  • Improved application selection in the shell Overview
  • Flikr integration with GNOME Online Accounts allows access to Flikr content in GNOME Photos.
  • Improved, integrated system status menu.
  • Redesigned `gnome-tweak-tool`, with improved design, extension integration, and expanded functionality.
  • New: `gnome-maps`, A simple map application for the GNOME Desktop.
  • New: `gnome-music`, a streamlined application for playing and sharing music.

GNOME 3.10 also offers a technical preview of GNOME support for wayland.

GNOME Software

A new, visually appealing application for browsing and installing applications.

There is also preliminary support in this release for running GNOME-shell as a Wayland compositor, though Wayland may not be in the default packages for the final Fedora 20 release.

More reading

To learn more about GNOME 3.10, check:


KDE Plasma Workspaces 4.11

SDDM as Display Manager

Plasma-nm Network applet



In Fedora 20 the MATE desktop Bluetooth applet suffers compatibility issues with Bluez5. Users needing Bluetooth functionality should install the `bluedevil` package