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== awstats ==
Version 7 of '''awstats''' beta is not available.  This version allows detection of Windows 7 clients, can format numbers according to localization, and many other new features.  These are detailed  in the changelog at
== chatzilla ==
Fedora 14 now includes '''chatzilla''', an IRC client.  '''chatzilla''' may be installed alone, or with '''chatzilla-gnome''', allowing <code>irc:</code> addresses to be handled in GNOME.
== clamz ==
'''clamz''' is new to Fedora.  It is an open source replacement for Amazon's MP3 downloader.  '''clamz''' may be used to download individual songs or complete albums that you have purchased from Amazon's Music Store.
== claws-mail ==
'''claws-mail''' 3.7.6 includes new filtering features, a number of user interface enhancements, and several new translations.  Refer to for a summary of all the new features.
== ekiga ==
'''ekiga''' has been updated to 3.2.7.  This release includes a large number of fixes, including a number of user-visible changes, mostly in the area of more sensible defaults.  For complete details refer to the release notes at
== emacs-w3m ==
The '''emacs-w3m''' pager is now available, which has WWW capability.  It is said to be faster than the old W3 browser, making it a preferable alternative.
== eurephia ==
'''eurephia''' is new to Fedora 14.  '''eurephia''' is an authentication plug-in for OpenVPN.  You may learn all about '''eurephia''' at
== gnome-applet-netspeed ==
'''gnome-applet-netspeed''' is just a little GNOME-applet that shows how much traffic occurs on a specified network device.  '''gnome-applet-netspeed''' is new to Fedora 14.  You can learn more at
== gnome-applet-remmina ==
Also new to Fedora 14 is '''gnome-applet-remmina'''.  This is a remote desktop client supporting RDP, VNC, NX, XDMCP and SSH.  Find out all about it at
== gnome-gmail ==
'''gnome-gmail''' adds Gmail support to the GNOME desktop.  Also new to Fedora 14, details may be found at
== maildirproc ==
'''maildirproc''' is a mail processing agent, with similar functionality to '''procmail''', but unlike '''procmail''', '''maildirproc''' operates on already delivered mail.  The upstream site is at
== openconnect ==
'''openconnect''' has been upgraded from version 2.22 to 2.24.  In addition to bugfixes, there are a number of security enhancements.  The full details may be reviewed at
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