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== CDROM Emulation ==
* Many fixes to comply with the ATAPI specification
* GET_EVENT_STATUS_NOTIFICATION: Implement 'media' subcommand that helps report tray open/close, media present/absent states to guests. Newer Linux guests (kernels 2.6.38+) rely on this command to revalidate discs.
* Major code refactoring and cleanup
== Upstream release notes ==
* Update to qemu 0.15, refer upstream changes at
== Xen ==
* Xen support merged into qemu
== x86 ==
* Stable guest TSC across migration
* Support for VIA CPU features
== General ==
* Several memory leak fixes in all virtio devices
== qemu-img ==
* The performance of qemu-img convert has been improved
* qemu-img convert and rebase now support the -p option which enables progress display
== qcow2 ==
* Improved the performance of creating/deleting internal snapshots
== Guest Agent ==
* Added the guest agent that supports snapshotting,
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