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== Web and Content Servers ==
:The {{package|httpd}} server has been updated to version 2.2.11.  This is primarily a bugfix release and no configuration changes should be required.
[[Category:Docs Project]]
[[Category:Draft documentation]]
:The {{package|wordpress}} has been updated to 2.7.1.  This is a major update and includes a number of new features such as sticky posts, a one-click plugin install and comment threading, plus many others.
[[Category:Documentation beats]]
:See the Wordpress feature page at for complete information.
:{{package|moin}} is updated to 1.8.2.  Users should review the files in <tt>/user/share/doc/moin-1.8.2/*</tt>.  The <tt>CHANGES</tt> file lists changes, <tt>UPDATE</tt> describes how to update.  <tt>README.migration</tt> describes how to migrate your existing data.

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