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The contents of this beat have been sent for translation for the GA version of the Release Notes. Any additional changes to this beat will not appear until after the release of Fedora 12. If you have zero-day changes, be sure to post a bug.

Web and Content Servers

mod_fcgid 2.3.4

This release includes mod_fcgid 2.3.4, the first non-beta release from its new home as part of the Apache httpd project. There should be no compatibility problems with existing applications designed to work with older versions of mod_fcgid but the configuration directives of mod_fcgid itself have all been renamed to avoid any potential conflicts with other parts of the Apache httpd project. This means that users updating from older releases may need to edit their mod_fcgid configuration: a script "fixconf.sed" is included in the mod_fcgid package to convert configurations from the old directive names to the new ones.