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Server KMS Drivers

Servers generally ship with fairly simple GPU hardware that can provide scanout and a small amount of VRAM. Currently we use drivers to drive these chipsets. However a set of simple KMS drivers could be written along with a single driver to drive this hardware. Bringing the featureset of KMS to these chipsets.

Chipsets such as MGA based serverengines and AST chipsets are mainly found in servers, providing KMS drivers for these allows consolidation of userspace and kernel drivers across desktop and servers.

Graphics Hotplug

Currently when you plug a USB graphics adapter into a system, nothing interesting occurs. These USB devices are being used in more docks and systems going forward. We need to provide a better experience for users.

Re-write the X server to support GPU hotplugging. - done Port drivers to new X server interfaces. - 50% done Write a KMS driver for displaylink devices. - done Write a generic KMS driver with hotplug support. - done Implement some DE support for it. - TODO (optional).



Xorg X server

 Old Version: 1.12.0 -> New Version:

Project site: (


Mesa-based DRI drivers

 Old Version: 8.0.2 -> New Version: 8.1

Project site: (


Xorg X11 ast video driver

 Old Version: 0.93.9 -> New Version: 0.97.0

Project site: (


Xorg X11 ati video driver

 Old Version: 6.14.4 -> New Version: 7.0.0

Project site: (


Xorg X11 cirrus video driver

 Old Version: 1.3.2 -> New Version: 1.5.1

Project site: (


Xorg X11 evdev input driver

 Old Version: 2.7.0 -> New Version: 2.7.3

Project site: (


Xorg X11 fbdev video driver

 Old Version: 0.4.2 -> New Version: 0.4.3

Project site: (


Xorg X11 Intel video driver

 Old Version: 2.19.0 -> New Version: 2.20.2

Project site: (


Xorg X11 mga video driver

 Old Version: 1.4.13 -> New Version: 1.6.1

Project site: (


Xorg X11 nouveau video driver for NVIDIA graphics chipsets

 Old Version: 0.0.16 -> New Version: 1.0.1

Project site: (


Xorg X11 openchrome video driver

 Old Version: 0.2.905 -> New Version: 0.3.0

Project site: (


Xorg X11 vesa video driver

 Old Version: 2.3.0 -> New Version: 2.3.2

Project site: (