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EPEL に興味がない Fedora パッケージャは誰ですか?


このページは EPEL に興味がない Fedora パッケージャが誰かを追跡するために使用されます。


Not all Fedora Packagers are interested in participating in the EPEL effort. That's fine.

If you do not plan to participate to EPEL, please add your accounts system username to this page.
It should help to prevent other EPEL maintainers from bugging you with EPEL related requests. :-)

The information is not binding, change your opinion at any time. It's just meant to help making things easier for the EPEL SIG and other EPEL packagers.

See the procedures for getting specific packages from Fedora into EPEL. Those procedures also indicate you shouldn't bother people who have said they do not want to participate in EPEL here.