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The Fedora project can offer a number of easy task to new comers.

If you are new to the project, you may want to check the easyfix page, pick one that you like, contact the person in charge and get started ;-)

If you are a project owner and would like to add your project to the easyfix page there are to step to do:

  • add yourself below
  • If you host your project on github
    • In the table below, your project should look like: github:username/projectname tag/label contact-person
  • If you host your project on pagure.io
    • In the table below, your project should look like: pagure.io:projectname tag/label contact-person


You should provide:

  • The name of the project
  • The tag you use in the keywords field to mark ticket as easyfix
  • Your fas name as contact person.
* pagure.io:389-ds-base easyfix rmeggins
* github:fedora-infra/bodhi EasyFix bowlofeggs
* pagure.io:elections easyfix pingou
* pagure.io:fedocal easyfix pingou
* pagure.io:freeipa easyfix mkosek
* github:cockpit-project/cockpit starter dperpeet
* pagure.io:fedora-docs/docs-fp-o easyfix bex
* github:fedora-infra/datagrepper EasyFix ralph
* github:fedora-infra/datanommer EasyFix ralph
* github:fedora-infra/fas Easyfix laxathom
* github:fedora-infra/fedmsg EasyFix ralph
* github:fedora-infra/fedora-packages EasyFix lmacken
* github:fedora-infra/fedora-tagger EasyFix ralph
* github:fedora-infra/nuancier easyfix pingou
* github:fedora-infra/pkgdb2 easyfix pingou
* github:fedora-infra/pkgwat.api EasyFix ralph
* github:fedora-infra/pkgwat.cli EasyFix ralph
* github:fedora-infra/python-fedora EasyFix pingou
* github:fedora-infra/fmn.rules EasyFix ralph
* github:fedora-infra/fmn.lib EasyFix ralph
* github:fedora-infra/fmn.consumer EasyFix ralph
* github:fedora-infra/fmn.web EasyFix ralph
* pagure.io:ipsilon easyfix puiterwijk
* github:fedora-infra/kitchen easyfix ralph
* pagure.io:pkgdb2 easyfix pingou
* pagure.io:releng easyfix ausil
* pagure.io:SSSD/sssd easyfix jhrozek
* pagure.io:fedora-commops easyfix jflory7
* pagure.io:fedora-diversity easyfix jflory7
* pagure.io:fedora-hubs easyfix #fedora-hubs
* pagure.io:fedora-infrastructure easyfix kevin
* pagure.io:fedora-marketing easyfix jflory7
* pagure.io:fedoramagazine-images easyfix ryanlerch
* pagure.io:fedora-join/Fedora-Join easyfix ankursinha
* pagure.io:pagure easyfix pingou
* pagure.io:fedora-websites easyfix sijis
* github:kushaldas/autocloud Easyfix kushal
* github:kushaldas/tunir Easyfix kushal
* github:kushaldas/tunirtests Easyfix kushal